School Enrollment

Any private/government/semi-government school recognized by the boards like CBSE, ICSE, IB or state boards can enroll for KAMP Assessments.

Schools may enroll online through KAMP portal and also send request for enrollment by sending e-mail at info@kamp.res.in or phone call (+91) 9818928128. KAMP Operations & Coordination Office will approve applicant school, after approval login details will be shared with School authorized representative on their registered email id. Through KAMP Portal school may register students for KAMP Assessment and pay Participation Fee online.

SCHOOL DASHBOARD includes the following activities:
Student Registration

After successful enrollment, school can communicate the parents to register for KAMP assessment through KAMP portal themselves or school can also register students’ grade-wise for KAMP Assessment. KAMP office will support the schools in sending communication to the parents and students about the KAMP Assessment.

Minimum registration of 25** students from each grade are required to conduct the KAMP Assessment in a school.

Student Registration Fee

The school can collect the fee of the KAMP Assessment from the student and can pay the cumulative fee of the registered student through school panel online using payment gateway. The parent can pay online fee for KAMP assessment while individually registering through KAMP portal.

KAMP Fee Receipt

School can access fee receipts of the payment made for registration for KAMP Assessment through their login panel. These receipts are also available under student login panel.

Date & Time Slot

KAMP assessment will be organized in the respective schools of the participants during school hours. Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be conducted on the same day. The date of assessment will be announced through KAMP office to each participating school. School can select the time slot to conduct the Assessment during the school hours.

Become an Exam Center

School may enroll online to become an exam center through their login panel and also send request for enrollment by sending e-mail at info@kamp.res.in or phone call (+91) 9818928128 . KAMP office will approve applicant school request as per the given guidelines. After approval, further details of the implementation and conduction of KAMP Assessment will be shared with the school.

Reports & Analysis

Various reports and analysis are available in school login panel. Individual student Assessment Report and School-Wise Performance Report willbe available for the school and teacher’s reference.

Important Guidelines

Guidelines related to the registration of the student for KAMP assessment and guidelines related to other activities of KAMP can be accessed through school login panel. Recent notifications will be received by the schools on the registered e-mail and mobile number.


Any clarification regarding rules, format/pattern of the paper, etc., may be sought from KAMP support deck through phone-call (+91) 9818928128 or email at info@kamp.res.in.

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